Koru Montessori is open January to December, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 
We have a closure period of up to 3 weeks at Christmas.

20 hours ECE subsidy

20 Hours ECE is available at this centre, to all children aged 3.-5 years old provided the Attestation Form (and Optional Charges form, if applicable) have been completed in full on, or prior to date of entitlement.   For further details please refer to information provided by the Ministry of Education

Fee Payment

Our required method of payment is by automatic payment.  Fees must be maintained at least one fortnight in advance at all times.  One fortnight’s fees are to be paid in advance of your child starting at Koru Montessori. We require three week’s notice in writing if you wish to terminate your enrolment at Koru Montessori.


Koru Montessori provides morning and afternoon tea food preparation as part of the Practical Life activities for the children. Children attending the morning or full day are required to provide their own packed lunch.

Entry criteria

We cater for children between the age of 2 years six months and 6 years of age. Your child needs to be fully toilet trained and able to settle into the preschool environment without becoming unduly anxious or stressed by the separation from his/her caregiver. Readiness is assessed at pre entry visits.

Minimum session requirements

At Koru Montessori we have minimum session requirements. These are linked to the age of your child. Children are more settled when they attend regularly. It gives them a sense of belonging and consistency. Regular and frequent attendance also enables the children to form solid friendships.

Our focus is on ensuring your child is settled and establishing good relationships with their teachers and classmates. Teachers need to be able to follow up the one to one presentations and lessons with the child on a daily basis. We therefore have minimum attendance requirements.

3 years old – 3 mornings per week minimum       3.5 year olds – 3 full days per week minimum

4 years old – 4 full days per week minimum        5 years olds – 5 full days per week

Please contact us to receive the up to date fee schedule.

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